PrivatbankHelp on-line
Welcome to the registration page of Privat 24!

Before starting the registration process please read the information on this page carefully. It will make your understanding of the process of registration clearer.

Certificate  – this confirms the identity of the person or the security of the site. Certificates are used to protect personal details while using the Internet, as well as to protect the computer against malicious software.

If at any point during the registration process you receive any warning or an error with the certificate (examples of errors are given below) and you do not know what to do, then for all warnings and errors click No or cancel the registration process. In worst case scenario your keys and/or passwords may be stolen by a malefactor. For any questions you may consult an employee of the bank

Examples of errors (as mentioned above).

(Application signed with incorrect certificate. Error with digital signature.)
Wrong certificate. Not signed by any trusted centers of certification.
(Wrong certificate. Certificate has expired.)
(Name of website does not match the name on the certificate.)

Observance by You and Your employees of these recommendations guarantees safety of use of the given software.